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Should have known better
Than to play with fire
But back then it seems so bright
In that cold winter night
But now I can see myself fading
With no one to hear my cries
Is there a place for the broken
Or must I be left behind
Shatter I'm bleeding
Crumbling I dying
The loaded gun taunts me
Offering a end to the pain
But this laughing demon inside
Keeps haunting my dreams
As it keeps pulling my hand away
Perhaps I should just take aim
At the dreams that I once held
Shooting them down one by one
And letting them fade into the atmosphere
Like the fallen stars above
I'm lost in this nightmare that is quickly fading
And I'm not able to wake up
So would it be better
If I just die in the haze
Abandon and alone
I'm so tired in the end
As I'm trap in this hell
As it repeats the same old tale
And I'm shedding the same tears
As I fight the same fears
These thoughts are messing with my head
As the night grows darker
And I'm end up crying in the end
As there is no relief
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 0 1
Broken Road
Broken Road
Down upon this broken road
Where my dreams lied shatter
Upon this bloody path that I walk
Where no light will ever reach me again
Where the darkness of my heart
Is my only comfort 
Oh the silence within my sleep
Shall never reveal the cries
Of my soul deep within
Oh how I weep throughout the night
Only to reach out to touch the light that blinds me so 
A creature of the night
Without stars or moon to free me
Of the shadows that binds me
Oh pay me little faith
For I wander alone
Upon this broken road 
Tears never could show
The need within
For my voice crumbles until nothing is left
This broken heart
And this broken dream
Am I a man or am I broken
I cannot see the answer
As I wander alone
On this broken road 
Could it be different
Another fire that burns
Waiting for me
Or am I just another flame
Blown out by the winds of times
 “Upon this broken road, I endlessly seek the answer
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 1 0
Sky The Primal Dragon Ref by SkythePrimalDragon Sky The Primal Dragon Ref :iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 4 0
Team Firelight Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Fighting Dreamers
            During the heated summer day running across the grassy fields near New Forest City, was an Beedrill running. “You’ll never catch me!” he yelled as he flew faster which a group of pokemon chasing him. The Beedrill smirk as he flew faster not realizing someone was in front of him. He ran smack into a fist knock him onto the ground, “Ow who dares!” he said looking up to see an Charmander with a Def. Scarf tied around his neck, “Who the heck are you!”
            “It’s over Killer “ the Charmander said as a Honedge, Buizel, and Roselia caught up, “You’re surrounded give up” he said.
            “How did you catch up to me? Who are you people?!
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 0 0
Nightmare Without End
Nightmare Without End

I can feel the beating of this lonely heart
As the game continues onward
Without end it resounds
Endlessly I keep falling
Into this nightmare
Waiting for the new world 
Prying at my heart
To see that glimmer
Of that light that I lost so long ago
Wishing for a dream
These tears I cry
Falls like rain
As the story of my life
Is being read aloud 
Mocking the pain of the scars that I bare
Losing every memory as the cycle continues
Without end I can’t close my eyes
For the dreams that I longing for
Prison my own soul like a cage
With no light can I even call myself human
Or perhaps this is my fate
To live a life with no hope at the end
For all my dreams are bleeding out
As I pleading with the last breath of my
But the words that I was able to shout out
My sore and bleeding throat
Are lost within the changing winds
This is my life
Written as a cruel joke
By a god who betrays
The dreamers who
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 1 0
Happy Easter by SkythePrimalDragon Happy Easter :iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 3 2
Plastic Rose
Plastic Rose

How can this love last forever
When its not even real
Your kiss leaves a bittersweet taste
Your love is like a plastic rose
This moonlit dream is never ending
And its killing me slowly
I can't find away to escape
As all this dirty hypocrisy
Keeps covering up the truth that I seek
I must be going crazy
Because my heart has become hazy
In this sweet nightmare
Is it wrong or is it right
For me to want something real
Besides this unending love tonight
Plastic rose a love that never dies
But this love was never even real
Our passion will never bloom
Can't we end this
As all the lies
Are draining my life away
The sleepless nights
Whispers the dreams that I'm longing for
Our love is like a plastic rose
So young and beautiful
Its never ending lie
This love no matter how sweet
Is never real
How can this sweet nightmare
Crush my heart
"Oh how much I wish for an end"~Sky the Primal Dragon
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 0 0
Wrap Lights by SkythePrimalDragon Wrap Lights :iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 0 0
Winter Heart
Winter Heart

Dark clouds hover above
As they cry out their frozen tears
Shining diamonds that dances
Within this midnight air
 How can I compare the beauty
Of the blank canvas before me
The memories of pasting days
Flies by me at the speed of sound  
Can you hear my silent cries
Within this raging blizzard
Can you see the truth
That I try to hide within
This winter heart of my
 I try to hide behind
The defenses I hold so dear
But you somehow broke into my heart
Like a thief in a night
Laugh and taunt me
For I am numb to the pain
This whispering desire
Is burning like fire
Is it wrong or is it right
For me want to see your sunlight
Dark skies above gentle cry
Their tears of white
Crystallize tears reflect
All the fears
That haunts me and taunts me
 Can’t you see me trying
To reach out for you
Can’t you hear me crying out
With this frozen voice
That is drowning out by the silent storm
Brewing deep within
This winter heart o
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 3 0
Maggie's Stalker by SkythePrimalDragon Maggie's Stalker :iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 2 3 Cooper by SkythePrimalDragon Cooper :iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 3 2
Colors Inside My Heart
Colors Inside My Heart
Send me away to a place
Where all my fears just melt away
Take me somewhere
That’s holds my heart
Forever more
I’m left standing here alone
Without a voice I tried to scream out
The pain and agony that’s inside me
I wish I could burn throughout the night
But there is no end to this waking nightmare
All the mistakes in the past
All the painful memories
They came back to me in the end
As I feel tomorrow slips through my fingertips
I tried lying to myself
To escape this reality
I just want to go
Where I don’t have to be afraid
Of losing my way
But that is just my fragile fantasy
That I know that I will never reach 
So I lied here
Alone in my head
As I watch the ever blue skies
Just past me on by
Days just continuing to move forward
As I search for the colors that had
Made this world what it is today
Your touch still lingers on my skin
And that is the only color I could see in the end
Perhaps I’m ju
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 1 0
Short Story: Light and Dark?
    Flame could see the crimson lights burning, wounded and frail he continue to limp up the stairs. The ground beneath him trembles as he continues upwards. "Not much time left...." he mange to mumble as he continue forward feeling colder as his blood leaks out from his wounds. His eye was swollen shut from the battle. He could hear the screams of all those he left behind. He only hopes that his team stays safe in this chaotic battle.
    Soon he made it to top. Where he fell, he could see the White Rose standing there laughing standing between him and the slot were he must enter the key to end this. "AH! My Friend! Its so nice to see you here!" The finally insane pokemon spoke. Broken by the truth of all this madness, "Come to watch the final hours of this pathetic world Charmeleon" the murder said.
    Flame growls in both pain and anger, "I'll stop you White Rose....I swear I'll end your plans and Save EVERYONE!" He yelled.
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 0 0
Broken Dream
Broken Dream

I can't feel my heart
That's beating inside
Beating inside this hole in my chest
I'm fading away
Fading into this empty night
Trying to find my light
Within this broken dream
I look up at the starless sky
Trying to find the answer
To these burning memories inside
But the rain keeps washing over me
And the pain I tried ease
Just won't go away
The silence answers
With deafening call
But they shall never find their way
Into darken night
So wait for the day will never come
These broken dream of my
Will never come true
For my heart is gone
So take these broken dreams
Shatter and scatter them
Across this endless black above
Let them shine
Like diamonds in the sky
For my dreams are broken
"And forever lost within the night"~ Sky the Primal Dragon
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 0 0
Painting World
Painting World

Here is another blank canvas
Just waiting to be fill
By these rolling tides of color
That I keep hidden deep inside
If the sun is raining down once again
Then can these words that is
Echoing loudly in my head
Can finally be set free
And feel the breeze once again
Alone I can see far and wide
All the pains in the world
That are mixing and turning
All the other colors of the world to black
I just can't sit here with my eyes close
As I watch all the tears
Drowning me within the darkness
Of my own mind
So I'll paint once again
A picture so bright
With these words
That are screaming on the inside
I'll Break all the barriers
That this cruel world
Set before us
So I can break the chains
That bind you as a prisoner within your own mind
If I have to scream out
To this empty sky
The words that my heart
Is trying to say
Until my voice goes out
The I won't turn away
With these colors that are hidden
Deep within my very soul
I will paint new world
Without the fear o
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 1 0

Days turns into nights
Nights turns into Days
The unending cycle continues
As the river goes on
The more broken I become
This blood stain compass of my
Is broken for it never leads me home
For it always points to you
In this cruel world
That is so cold
And forever dark
This empty heart
Is breaking in two
My soul is torn into shreds
Will you catch me
And fill this broken heart
Or will you stand there laughing
As you watch me fall
I'm shouting out
Into this empty nightmare of monochrome
But in the blinding light of day
The pain in my heart grows
If this world is a loveless one
And if this crimson compass
That lies beneath my chest
Could lead me back home
Then can you answer this question
That's been roaring in my head
Like a raging storm
As I lie in here
In this lonely bed
If love doesn't exist
Then why does this
Blood stain compass in my chest
Never leads me home
Why does it always leads me back to you
"Can you show me the way back home" ~Sky the Primal Dragon
:iconskytheprimaldragon:SkythePrimalDragon 3 0


[2016] Flames of Passion by MaggienToby [2016] Flames of Passion :iconmaggientoby:MaggienToby 9 0 Alola! by MaggienToby Alola! :iconmaggientoby:MaggienToby 13 0 Lackadaisy Fire-fight by tracyjb Lackadaisy Fire-fight :icontracyjb:tracyjb 3,266 110 War of Myth: Take Me With You! by ShadmeTheAngel War of Myth: Take Me With You! :iconshadmetheangel:ShadmeTheAngel 3 0 Mega Charizard Ex X Fanart by Gallardose Mega Charizard Ex X Fanart :icongallardose:Gallardose 166 6 Mega Charizard Y Fanart by Gallardose Mega Charizard Y Fanart :icongallardose:Gallardose 259 11 We've All Been There, Buddy by MaggienToby We've All Been There, Buddy :iconmaggientoby:MaggienToby 31 15 VC 2: SSJ Kid Gohan by MaggienToby VC 2: SSJ Kid Gohan :iconmaggientoby:MaggienToby 20 2 Mega Charizard X Fanart by Gallardose Mega Charizard X Fanart :icongallardose:Gallardose 246 20 Spyro Headshot by MaggienToby Spyro Headshot :iconmaggientoby:MaggienToby 27 3 VC 1: Salamence by MaggienToby VC 1: Salamence :iconmaggientoby:MaggienToby 18 4
Spyro: Dawn of Light, 3-51
Part 3
Cyril spotted them and padded up with a slight scowl, their faces telling him everything.  
"Tell me what happened."
Spyro shook himself off, a spray of rainwater off his scales making Cynder flinch.  "We managed to trap it momentarily in a ditch made with the Department's underground labs.  Cynder stalled it briefly with a shadow copy of its face but it didn't take long to identify her as the source.  The storm only slowed it a little, but it's still got a ways to go through it.  We broke several Dark Gems, but because of the fires and winds surrounding it, we couldn't get an accurate count of how many Gems were across its surface.  It has an army of enemies surrounding it and guarding the Gems, as we suspected it would, but it can also form more from its own body.  Shimmer used her water powers to make her own titan to fight it, and scored several fierce hits on it and knocked its tusk off, and also washed away
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 9 8
Commission - Ivy by Shaiger Commission - Ivy :iconshaiger:Shaiger 88 20
Spyro: Dawn of Light, 3-50
Part 3
Flame gulped nervously, refraining from the urge to scratch at his hind leg and the bandages it was tightly wrapped in.  On they marched, as swiftly as they could manage.  He glanced back over his shoulder to the south, seeing a long line of blue, black, white, silver, and a few other colors behind them.  The Settlement and the camp were nowhere to be seen this far into the mountain chain.  The crashing of the sea could still be heard dimly as they ascended, until they stopped and lined up along the cliff.  The young dragon found himself next to Ignitus, having to fight the urge to tear off his armor and scratch all his scales off.  Everything itched so much!  This medicine was awful!  
It took seeming ages for everyone to arrive, but once they did, Ignitus addressed the army, Caelos amplifying and carrying his voice so everyone could hear.  "We will rehearse our strategy forthwith!" he announced.
:iconiceflame1019:IceFlame1019 11 4
Comm: Chibi scientist by Natsuakai Comm: Chibi scientist :iconnatsuakai:Natsuakai 150 12



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I go by many names but the two I use the most is Sky the Primal Dragon and Flame Starburner (Depending on my mood lol XD) I'm a writer and a poet I used to be Lightpokemonking but my email got hack and my Youtube and old DA account were deleted T__T If anyone knew me from my lightpokemonking account and watch me please let me know so I can watch you back thanks



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~Favorite Pokemon~



~Favorite Moves~


~Favorite Pokemon Types~


Now with that out of the way lets begin!

~Favorite Pokemon~

                                                        1. Torterra
                                                        2. Treecko
                                                        3. Charizard
                                                        6. Kingdra
                                                        7. Eevee
                                                        8. Roserade
                                                        9. Scyther
                                                        10. Magmortar


~Favorite Moves~

                                                        1. Razor Leaf
                                                        2. Flamethrower
                                                        3. Flame Wheel
                                                        4. Energy Ball
                                                        5. Thunderbolt
                                                        6.Solar Beam
                                                        7. Dig
                                                        8. Fly
                                                        9. Water Gun
                                                        10. Heat Wave

~Favorite Pokemon Types~

                                                        1. Fire
                                                        2. Grass
                                                        3. Water
                                                        4. Dark
                                                        5. Ice
                                                        6. Steel
                                                        8. Electric
                                                        9. Rock
                                                        10. Ghost

Now I tag:





Good luck



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